Friday, March 30, 2007

Poetry Friday: The Word is MELT

Ninety Eight Point

A square of chocolate, dark and deep, smelling of flowery, hot earth...

Communion wafer, pale and thin, one breath sends it butterflyfluttering...

Tugs of crystal pink cotton candy, whispering “just one more one more”...

The folds of folds that you find, and taste open, between my thighs...


Monday, March 26, 2007


Hey boy,
You wanna hide
in my skin
for a while?

Take a break
From that skin
You’re in
For a while?

Slip inside,
Wiggle down.

Yeah. S'nice.

Feel how soft
The world is?
Feel how heavy
The world is?

It’s okay by me
If you want to


Run your hands here
Over and around
The landscape


The curve of the neck
The hills of shoulders sloping
To back the spine

Thighs nestled
In the oven of sheets

To anxious
Waiting the touch of


Take a break from your skin, boy.

Slip out of yours
And into mine.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Sergei's Home From a 5-Day Trip

You close the door and walk to me, smiling that smile I longed for….
Days longing for….
I never realized our bed was so big until you weren't in it,
and I changed the sheets so we could get them dirty and wet right away.
Right now.
Your arms draw me into you
into your smell
(my brain screams out, oh god! he's wearing that cologne, he knows how hot--how wet I get when he does that, the little tease).
Your shirt is damp from your shower,
unbuttoned, again you tease me.
"I missed you"
and you bend down, my sexy giant,
bend down with half-closed eyes, big grin, oh you shaved and soft cheeks.
Your lips part and
my head tilts, an instinct when you're thisclose
and our mouths, hungry for sweet flesh,
open and close on each other
in that way we kiss,
you know,
not like hello
not like see ya soon
very soon I am going to fuck you and make you cum and if you don't cum I'll keep fucking you until you do.

My hands reach inside your shirt, run my palms up your warm chest, smooth out the corners of your shoulders, and coax your shirt
your back
your arms
off your fingertips
and my hands retrace and go back up the curve, feeling your wrists,
cupping your elbows
kneading your biceps
as your tongue tickles mine
and your breath comes quicker, my mouth an O,
pulling your shoulders down
your hands on the small of my back
on my ass,
gripping and releasing so gently, then with intent.

My fingers on your trousers, the button, unfastened;
Your fingers on the front of my dress…pearl buttons popping apart like corn,
My fingers find the slide and
gently inch the zipper down
as your hands move silently over my shoulders
as your hands move my dress up
and over
and the dress falls to the floor.

You gasp and smile at the spoils of my treasure.
Red velvet bra and panties
And the black stockings you love so well,
the garter you can magically unclip with two fingers
every damn time
like you can unhook my bra in one motion
every damn time.
"You like?"
Your trousers drop.
Your fingers find the garter clasps, the front, the back,
undone and unhooked,
tossed on a chairback,
your body curves on a crashing wave
and your fingers roll stocking, stocking,
down the curves of my thighs, melting like hot jello,
slipping off my toes,
wadded and joining the clothes dismissed
in frantic panting heat.
I pull you up, your nose, your lips brushing my belly,
my breasts,
as you face me, as you tower above me,
as you enfold me.

I bury my face in your chest and inhale your scent:
You, the cologne, the soap, you, more you, all you.
I kiss your chest, your nipples, a rib here, the other side there,
your hands and mine following road maps of muscles and smooth skin
My kisses meander over your center line,
that line that goes down to the Promised Land,
oh holy jeesusgodallah.
I look up to see your face
looking down at mine
I smile that way you call the 'dirty girl look'
and kiss and kiss and kiss
down and down and down.
I can smell this and that of you.
My mouth tastes your honey skin.
My hands reach back
and inside your boxers
one liquid motion
and slide the hands
soooo slowly
my mouth poised and wet
my pussy dripping, yes, already, and mightily
and bring the soft fabric out and over.

Your cock springs,
throbbing with your heartbeat,
the color of my lips,
my wanting lips,
and I remember how I forget every time how big it is,
oh holy jeesusgodallah!
I steady myself with my hands on your hips,
and slowly collapse,
my knees unable to hold me up.
I am kneeling in front of you
with your cock just breaths away from my mouth,
your hands stroke my hair, such a gentle touch,
and I brush my lips against the red tip,
in a small kiss,
a bigger kiss,
lips achingly part trying to hold back the greed,
a small space made and I allow your cock to taste my mouth
and my tongue tastes you
(slowly, please, make it last)
and my mouth lets you in more
and my tongue runs around the ring at the top,
slides wetly down this side that side,
bottom, top,
around in patterns of my design
deeper and harder.
I look up and your eyes are closed,
to feel me,
nothing else, no other distraction,
just me and how good I feel,
how good you feel.
Our rhythm is set,
four-four time,
your fingers laced in my curly tresses, keeping time with the thirsty thrusts,
gulping how madly I want
you want
we want.


I give one last thrust and pull my head back, slowly, letting the wetness drip off, and flick the end of your cock with my tongue,
as I smile
(dirty girl)
and gently push your hips onto the bed,
your back down,
your shoulders on the sheet,
head on the pillow.

I rise up, a tree,
and shed my leaves as you watch
and your cock continues it's anticipatory dance.
The bra,
slides off my shoulders
my thumbs tracing lines down to the tops of my breasts,
my nipples swelling,
and I pause for just
because waiting is a sweet aphrodisiac,
and then the
bra is released from duty and
tossed aside.
My breasts are firm, soft,
the nipples are wild berries
waiting for your mouth to pluck them
and turn them into sweet summer wine.
I watch your face as my hands cup them, fingers parting to feel every inch of their warmth, their smoothness, their lusciousness.
One hand slide down my belly,
my fingers tickling my own flesh,
and two fingers slide inside the panties,
at the lace in front,
lace so you can see,
and find my wet cunt,
to rub once,twice,
and your cock nods approval
and I must have satisfaction.

The panties descend,
two hands abandoning their posts to go down the bones of my hips,
a simple slide,
and I am naked.

I put one knee on the bed, to your left.
My other knee on the bed, to your right.
Ease my way up your body of work,
and place my hot soft pussy right above
the tip of your cock.
My hands rest on your chest,
your hands find my ass,
and you wait for me
because this is my pleasure,
this is my reward.

Your cock knows its purpose.
To fuck.
To fuck Me.
And I will let it.

With as much stealth as I dare release,
I ease my cunt over your cock,
sliding down the shaft,
and up,
my breath disappears
my head implodes,
lights dancing under my closed eyelids,
my lungs heavy with gasps contained for too long.
Your hands, oh, yes,
you found the secret long ago,
that pattern of rocking,
holding hips,
back and forth,
I don't know how you do…that….
But my pussy grips your cock so hard when you do…that….
I can no longer reach your chest,
My back is arched under its own power,
you're holding me, rocking, I won't fall and I won't fall,
My fingers are rubbing circles around my nipples, so hard, god, so hard,
I want your mouth on them, oh my fingers will do,
your mouth is busy groaning with mine,
(that's the amazing part, our rhythm,).
I can think of nothing else than fucking you,
than cuming with you,
feeling you tense,
not knowing where I am but in your universe.
Up, down
and back and forth, a crazy circle,
I can hear us,
I'm so wet and you're getting me wetter,
and my pussy is screaming, 'higher! higher!'
and that instant it is supersonically rocketed,
the top of the roller coaster, the car hangs suspended,
I can feel your cock throbbing, fuck yeah, yea, yes….

my body jerking, spasms so delicious,
your body tenses under mine, shuddering,
you're so deep and even deeper,
pushing, oh, pushing, oh
Great cymbals of crashing flesh and fluid,
we fit so well,
the orgasm, eons,
muscles in thankful contractions,
screaming and pushing one last time,
no this is the last time,

Shaking and trembling,
gasping, I forgot to breathe,
I grab for your chest,
you hold my hips, so deep, so deep still,
and we let the tide go out, lapping at the shore,
little by little, waves come and go,
the storm subsides,
the surface smoothes.

I bend down, carefully, waiting for your cock to release me,
thankfully taking a long while,
and my lips touch yours.
A soft dance,
A thank you,
A love you,
A welcome home.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Tongue Tied

I have these secret files.

I hide them under my panties.

I don't show them to anyone.

They are full of writing. Some good. Some bad.

Some really, really sexy.

Stay tuned.